Episode 2

Faith In Action | "Count It Joy!"

SCRIPTURE: James 1:2-8 / John 16:33 / Philippians 4:7 

SHOW NOTES: James encourages Jewish believers to apply action and attitude to their faith walk. He begins with a difficult topic – trials of many kinds – and he states, “Consider it joy whenever you face trials.” This attitude of joy does not come automatically because, it doesn’t feel good when we go through trials and hard times. Rather, we need to think deeply and examine our heart-felt response as we face life’s troubles. God’s purpose is to mature us and to see our faith strengthened. Tests will come, but through them, the Lord teaches us more about Himself. 

For change to occur, we need to be challenged, work through some difficult days and situations, and come face to face with our shortcomings. We need the Holy Spirit’s power flowing through our hearts & minds. Lord, change our actions & attitudes. We count it joy!

SONG: "When Trials Come" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpScEpriWZs

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