Episode 11

Life's Journeys | "Mighty Power & Great Deeds"

Scripture: Exo. 14–19; 32–33 / Num. 13–14; 20 / Deut. 34:10-12

SHOW NOTES: Have you heard the saying, “The struggle makes us stronger”? This can be a big pill to swallow, because most of us don’t like the struggle. The struggle is hard work, takes discipline, and causes us to evaluate the details of our life. But deep down, we want to be stronger and so, we must face the STRUGGLE! That is exactly what the people of Israel are facing … out in the wilderness. God’s wants them to grow – in unity, discipline, faith, and their obedience to the Lord. Moses is their leader, and he faces many difficult situations with them over the next 40 years. The people grumble, disobey, and quarrel – with Moses and against God. Moses continues to lead and guide them. He comes before the Lord and intercedes for the people of Israel. As they journey in the wilderness, Moses reminds them to remember the mighty power and the great deeds God has shown to them. “The Lord is my strength and song. He is my salvation. This is my God and I will praise Him!” (Ex. 15:1-3)

SONG: "Honey in the Rock"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDGDrLU1XcM 

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