Episode 16

"Living Water" | Lord Of The Storm

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 8:23-27 / Mark 4:35-41 / Luke 8:22-25  

SHOW NOTES: A famous body of water found in the pages of Scripture (and one of our favorite places to visit in Israel) is the Sea of Galilee. Matthew 11:20 says, “Jesus performed most of His miracles” in this area of Israel. Three of the Gospel writers include today’s story in their written accounts of Jesus’ earthly ministry.

As Matthew, Mark, and Luke share their accounts, readers gain insight into this powerful event experienced by Jesus and His disciples. These men have “worked” on this Sea for their entire lives. They are not afraid of the Sea but in this storm, they realize their lives are in danger! Yes, they might be the “men of the Sea,” but Jesus is “the Lord of the storm.” 

SONG: "Trust In God" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOY5EmWsVV0

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